Virtual Tasting – Buckingham Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon – 2018

Green Cap


A medium bodied Red Wine that is completely dry. Our Cab Sav spends a year on oak chips then ages for an additional 3-4 years in stainless steel. We blend vintages for a consistent taste. Tasting notes are dark fruit, such as blackberry, raspberry and currant with a balanced tannin profile. The nose has hints of leather and oak chips. Pairs well with Steaks, Grilled Meats and of course Saturday Nights. Serve room temp, 65 degrees. 12.5ALC.

Diego Red – 2019



Diego Red is our flagship wine, it has turned weekend visitors into lifetime customers. This light bodied semi sweet red is a delicious all purpose table wine. Easy to drink room temp or chilled and makes a great gift for wine loving friends. This wine is very fruit forward with jammy ripe fruit notes. The touch of sweetness brings it all together for an enjoyable glass every time. Pairs well with Chinese food, grilled foods, pastas and even pizza. It’s a perfect backyard fire pit wine! 11.5 ALC

Rose – 2020



With everyone drinking Rose today, we decided to make ours in the style of Southern France. Very light in color and delicate in taste. Being an almost dry Rose you will get notes of Rose pedals, ripe strawberries and wildflowers. Rose is perfect all by itself. Pairs best with Seafood and grilled vegetables. ALC 11.5

Chardonnay – 2019



Our Chardonnay is not like your typical “California oaky, buttery wine”. We age our Chardonnay wine for just about a year in stainless steel tanks and skip the oak! What you get from steel tanks is a wine that’s crisp and refreshing. The nose is very fragrant of honey suckle and apple. Pairs best with grilled chicken, grilled pork and veggie burgers. Enjoy chilled with friends. ALC 11.5

Reisling – 2019



This semi sweet white wine is made in the traditional German style. Aging for a year in stainless steel tanks, it retains all of the ripe fruit characteristic. The nose is sweet and floral, ripe pear and lychee fruit are typical notes. Pairs with spicy foods and can be enjoyed with fresh fruit as a dessert. Serve chilled ALC 11.5

Strawberry – 2019



All of our Fruit wines start out as just that, fruit! There are no grapes involved here. We take 100% strawberry juice and treat it like grape juice. These wines are much younger as they do not need to be aged. Using fruit instead of grapes you really get a strong taste and nose of strawberries. It is a sweet wine. Add this to a bowl of ice cream with fresh strawberries! ALC 12